Estrogen and Cognition - 
is there a link?

When you think about estrogen or the decreasing estrogen levels after menopause, probably you might think in hot flushes or mood swings first. But there is strong evidence, that estrogen plays a big role in women's brain function and cognition.

A recently published study analyzed the association between lifetime estrogen exposure - that means the total level of estrogen, that a woman is exposed to in her lifetime, the endogen estrogen of her own body as well as the exogen estrogen from hormonal therapy (=HT) - and the importance for cognitive health. 

And the results show an association between more estrogen and better cognitive function: 

"In conclusion, longer duration of endogenous estrogen is associated with better cognitive status in older adult women. These effects are extended with HT use, particularly among the oldest women in our sample."

It is a complex decision-making process when we think about planning an intervention or not. Of course, we should always try to consider all the possible and known pros and cons.

In my view, a potential prevention of age-related cognitive decline 
should be definitely included in this decision. 

This post was written and last edited by Carmen: April 4th, 2020